half training week 1: fake it 'til you make it

Successfully completed my first week! As I write this post I am eating a bowl of KD...it's been years since I last ate it and I forgot how good this was. #rewardsundaze

Here is a recap:

Monday - 4.5k, 24 min, evening
Bit of a slow burn, I didn't realize how tired I was from the day.

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - cross
I got home pretty late today so I ended up doing a 20 minute pilates workout. It was very core-focused and the video was very dated...I didn't end up sweating too much so maybe it wasn't intense enough or maybe I wasn't working hard enough.

Thursday - 5k, 28 min, evening
This was a good run despite the gnats sticking to my face. I also saw a coyote carrying a rabbit carcass. It ran across a bit of green space and then into the woods. Exciting! I have never seen a coyote before so I guess this is good luck. I got pretty tired around the 23 minute mark but managed to push through.

Friday - rest and pre-celebratory ice cream
Rest day, I was heavily debating getting ice cream because I had not yet completed my week of training...but I was around the corner from Tsujiri and craving ice cream. It was so hot outside! Conditions were ideal for ice cream consumption! I tried the Houjicha soft serve and I'm so glad I did. It had a very different flavour than your run of the mill matcha. The soft serve was creamy and thick, and the flavour was reminiscent of green tea but very roasted...and it also quite pricey ($5 for a less than McDonald's soft serve sized serving). I promise I won't prematurely celebrate completing a week of training again.

Saturday - cross
I attended a 90 minute Moksha hot yoga class. It was relaxing and of course I sweat a lot. We also did some core work and lots of chaturanga dandasana for upper body strengthening. Good class, but now my shoulders are sore...guess it's been a while since I last did so many chaturanga's.

Sunday - 6.6k, 47 mins, morning
blueberries & greek yogurt, photo for portion size purposes
My intention was to wake up at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat but alas I got up at 10am, ate some blueberries and greek yogurt, waited to digest a bit before going out. I ended up heading out at around 11am. Mistakes were made. Perhaps it's also because I usually run in the evening, my body isn't used to the time of day? Felt a little sore from the moksha class yesterday as well. It was sweltering outside (29C) and so hard to breathe, midway through my head started pounding...was I dehydrated? Perhaps a little. Even as I tried to smile through the heat (it's a coping tactic...see below), the heat really was a lot. Many walking breaks were taken because I didn't want to pass out. What matters most is that I covered the distance! Time will come. I foam rolled the heck out of everything when I got back.

Final Thoughts
Overall, the first week was good. Slow start but I of all people know that you can't go from zero to 21k real quick. Since the race itself will be at 8am I think I should start running at that time when I can (practically speaking, it'll be on Sundays) so my body will become more accustomed to being active at that hour. It's just so hard to wake up early on weekends...yeah more excuses. I read somewhere that when you force yourself to smile, your brain thinks that you're happy and it will improve your emotional state. So, when I'm feeling tired throughout my run and about to give up, I put a big smile on my face. Fake it 'til you make it. And it worked, because I made it through my runs!


  1. I appreciate how you fit in a lil soft serve review in there


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