my training plan

Here it is, in all its best friend for the next 14 weeks. This is based on a few half training plans I've come across online, tailored to what (I hope) will work for me:

Cross Training
Cross training for me will be bouldering, biking, hot yoga or YouTube strengthening workouts. I'm going to try and incorporate doing the 7 minute workout whenever I can. This workout is only 12 exercises, high intensity and works out your entire body using only your own weight, a chair and a wall! It's really great and there are several apps available to guide you through the workout. Best of all, it only takes seven minutes.

The rest part of training is just as important as training itself, as your body requires time to recover. Not resting enough may lead to injury and I definitely don't want that.

Nutrition is also a very important part of training. Currently I think I eat pretty well but I also am not a picture of health...I frequently feel tired, cold and sometimes cramp up while I run. I'm in the process of figuring out what my body needs. My intention is to ensure I eat a small snack (i.e. a banana, a small bowl of greek yogurt or oatmeal) before running so that my body can consume something while I work out but not too soon before to avoid cramps. Hopefully as I progress through my training plan, I will become more in tune with what my body requires, what works and what doesn't. Currently I know that I can't have a full meal within three hours of running or else I'll be in upset stomach trouble...which is really not ideal.

I asked friends for suggestions on a reward or punishment if I skip days and don't make it up on a rest day. I decided on rewarding myself with watching the Bachelorette and having a bowl of ice cream when I complete a week of training. This means I will have to withhold these things from my day-to-day life, which hopefully won't be too hard.

Please keep the good vibes coming because I'm ready to go! My first week of training is almost coming to an end - stay tuned for thoughts on my first week.