the first step is always the hardest

seattle october 2016

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the virtual universe, I'm so glad you stumbled upon it and I hope that you stay a while.

Ok, I'll admit that this blog thing has been on my to-do list for a while now, but I haven't really figured out what my niche is. I'm a Jill of all trades and master of none...sweaty generalist...dabble in a bit of everything...moderately engaged in a variety of activities...I guess you can say that I just love to enjoy life. My passion lies in experiences and gaining a deeper understanding of the world around me. I'm curious about the stories behind every individual's eyes and the cultures that shape societies. My life mantra is everything in moderation. I'm a strong believer in keeping an open mind and an open heart with regard to everything that comes my way.

So why "Glo Glo's Glo-up"? One of my best friends wrote on my birthday card this year that she wishes for me to continuously glo-up. I laughed out loud, but it also stuck. If you are familiar with the hip lingo these days, a glo(w) up, is, as defined by Urban Dictionary, 
when someone becomes confident, and believes in themselves, and they don't give a f* about what anyone says about them 
A post on /r/Outoftheloop went further to say that it's an urban version of "nothing can bring me down." I like that.

That is not to say that I currently think I lack confidence or think I'm less than, but I believe in continuous improvement. Who doesn't want to be a better version of their current self? Like Jim Collins' book, I want to go from good to great.

The final push for me to begin this blog is my registering for a half marathon. It's been on my to-do list for a year now, and it's finally happening this September! More on my running journey later, but this blog is essentially going to be tracking my training progress. And of course, a very important part of training is nutrition (and I love to eat) so this blog will focus on my athletic and nutritional pursuits.

What I want to get out of this blog is mainly to hold myself accountable to my training plan. I'm usually pretty good with following plans I make for myself, but when things get a little busy or something unexpected happens I quickly get out of the training mindset. Or I'll make an excuse...I'm too tired, it's too cold/rainy, I'll do it later...and then later becomes next month. Can't have that!

So without further ado...join me on Glo's glo-up journey! Weekly posts to come.