half training week eleven: please don't kill my vibe

The race is fast approaching, I can't believe we're already into September! The weather is getting cooler, it seemed as though it went from summer straight into autumn. Though the season doesn't officially change for another two weeks, the ubiquitous pumpkin spice suggests otherwise.

Running in the heat was great training because in this weather now I find it much easier. This was a great week for me, I am finally getting back into the schedule I set for myself and seeing improvements! That's the most exciting part - trending faster.

Monday - 8.3k, 5:46/km
I ran the usual route, and it felt like a good run. Started quick then slowed down around 6km and finished slow (~6 min/km). Need to work on that.

Tuesday/Thursday - rest

Wednesday - 800 m x 6, 5:41/km
This was my first track workout and I must say...it was super boring. I couldn't get the image of a hamster running on a wheel out of my head as I was going round and round the track. However, it was good for speed training. Twice around the track, with a bit of a walking break in between, six times. Bless the rubbery track surface, it's so nice to run on. For some reason being on a track makes me want to run faster, so at least it's a good motivator.

Friday - 8k, 5:33/km
Today was another 8k, but with a change on scenery on the Waterfront Trail. It was so beautiful, especially the view of the Toronto skyline from the Inukshuk Park. I was really impressed. Much better than running east toward Cherry Beach. Slightly faster pace with a pal. It's been a while since I last ran with someone, and I forget how motivating it is - the fact that you're pushing each other and also distracting each other by talking, it makes the run a lot more fun. That's one of the things I miss most about being in school - living so close to friends so you can always just go for a run together.

Saturday - cross (bouldering)
The pulling of plastic never ceases to bring me joy. I ran into a few high school friends at the climbing gym today, it was nice catching up. I also sent a route I was working on for the past week! Feels great to finally be able to get up to the top.

Sunday - 10.5k, 6:16/km
Started the day with a hike, then proceeded to do some biking and finally there was some time to run. It took a lot to get me out the door because it was late and I was tired. It seemed cold out so I wore a hoodie and a jacket. This was a mistake. Quickly realizing I'd be sweating buckets if I kept all this on, I ditched my hoodie at the side of the road to come back for it when I looped back. Everything was going fine, until I was running down a barely lit street without a sidewalk and a car zoomed by (very close to me) and yelled (or it was a dog bark). If it was a dog barking, fine. If it was a person screaming, why would you want to kill my vibe? Running is like moving meditation for me and that definitely startled me. Usually, cars are considerate and give me plenty of space. This car did not. In any case, I should not let others' actions affect my feelings. It took me a bit to get back to focusing on my breath, but I did it. This was just another reminder that learning to breathe is imperative so that we can breathe through the difficult moments. I finished the run with a couple laps around the track, went home, did a couple flows and foam rolled it out.