post half marathon next steps

Now that I've completed my first half marathon, I really do want to keep up my running but alas, my body does not seem to agree. My knee is still in pain, so I'm taking it easy. I also recently hurt my neck (again, sigh) so more taking it easy. Keeping to easy 5k runs twice a week, and maybe a 10k bike ride. However I don't want to fall into the dark (though comfortable) hole of inactivity, so I should set a new goal. My next goal is to improve my speed through core training, so I will be doing 10-15 minute core workouts every other day for the next 30 days. I know that during my half training I said that I would incorporate ab exercises but I did it for a week and then gave up on it...I blamed it on not having enough time after long runs. But yeah, they were all just excuses.

I've never really had a strong core, the peak of my core strength was when I was taking Muay Thai classes - conditioning at the beginning of class was lit. I was also able to do a ton more push ups than I can do currently. It all just went downhill from there. I'd really like to get back into it, but I think I already forget how to wrap my hands.

This is an obvious thought - it's so much easier to not, especially when something is really hard. Running wasn't really that hard for me, but these core workouts? Five minutes in, I'm like ok this is rough, let me lie down for ten seconds, maybe fifteen...maybe eat a cookie while I'm at it. But what if it were really easy? Breaking a tough task down into smaller chunks makes it seem more doable. Setting a plan out for yourself and acting on the plan - that's how to make it easy. This is what I did with my half marathon training, so I know it works and I know it's possible. Though of course, it's easier said than done, especially when 15 minutes is already a challenge.

But I need to do this. I need to build core strength to run faster/improve balance and strength for climbing. Everything stems from the core - think of your body as a tree...the core is the trunk. Without a strong trunk, how can the branches be stable, how can they have reach?

A lot of 30 day core challenges that show up on Google Images and Pinterest consist of a lot of sit ups/crunches/plank but that's so boring. Variety and movement are key. I'm just going to search up various "10 or 15 minute core/ab/high intensity" work outs on Youtube. I'm a big fan of Rebecca Louise. She has a lot of core workouts on her channel and she's very motivating. Hashtag I can feel the burn, Rebecca. My first week is consisting of a whole lot of feeling the burn. I have trouble keeping my legs straight up in the air for leg lifts. Bicycles are horrendous. Stop making me pulse at the top for ten seconds of each exercise!!! On the bright side, I can plank for days...but once you add in a twist? That's a whole other story.

So come along for Glo Glo's glo up...part two. I'll be reporting on my progress midway through and then at the end of the month. I encourage you to join me in this, because I think we can all benefit from a little more core strength. Let's get it.