friday five - vol 3

This week I've been obsessed with Julien Baker's new album Turn Out the Lights. It's just so sad and raw - definitely music to cry to. It was hard for me to pick out other songs this week because this is legitimately all I've been listening to. That, and The Daily/Up First (news podcasts). The Daily is done by the New York Times and delves into one current world issue for about 15-20 minutes. Up First is by NPR and is a high level overview of news (world/American) for about 10 minutes. Perfect for the morning commute - I feel so much more knowledgeable after listening to them, and they're very condensed so you just get the important points. Here are a couple other jams that I've been feeling this week:

1. Appointments - Julien Baker
This is the second track on Turn Out the Lights, and it starts out quiet, with a repeating guitar riff. Julien is reflecting on her failing relationship and it's just so sad. "I know that I'm not what you wanted, am I?" she asks rhetorically. "Wanted someone I used to be like/now you think I'm not trying". She's dealing with some hard times, and she isn't the person that her partner needs or wants her to be. It's kind of a song about defeat, but in the end she's telling herself that she has to believe that it'll be alright. I think it's particularly sad because she seems defeated, not even going to try to defend herself or make them stay. Perfect for when you're feeling sad and want to layer on the sadness (or feel a little less alone in the sadness).

2. On And On - Curtis Harding
Curtis Harding is an old soul. I'm big on the retro-soul genre, his music feels good and is a bit reminiscent of Leon Bridges but with a bit of a psychedelic vibe. On And On is a positive song that sends the message "just keep swimming." His new album, Face Your Fear, is soulful, rich in instrumentation and upbeat. It's fantastic and is definitely one of those albums that makes me want to dance around in my bedroom.

3. Tailwhip - Men I Trust
This is a really fun, feel good jam. Reminds me of summer, and would be a great song to play with the windows rolled down. Men I Trust is a band from Montreal and they make some great dancey pop jams.

4. Ricky Please - Gord Downie
This is Gord Downie's last album released posthumously, each track is about someone in his life. Kind of like Hannah's tapes in 13 Reasons Why but more so in a "how you contributed to my life" way instead of a "how you contributed to my demise." It's a great album - super personal and warm. Ricky seems like a guy that Gord really looked up to and impacted his life largely, "we were together for so much/and witness only our eyes/caught, and see and touching without touch/you got me to the only door I've got." It's a personal, sentimental song that brings back nostalgic memories with a loved one.

5. Sour Breath - Julien Baker
Going back to Julien, this is another standout track for me from Turn Out the Lights. Again, she's singing about feeling defeated, so in love with someone who doesn't feel the same. In the chorus, she sings "the harder I swim, the faster I sink" and that just breaks my heart into a million little pieces. I think we've all felt that way at least once, when we keep on trying to get up but it seems as though everything else is pushing back, giving resistance. The thing is, the song doesn't really have a resolution and it makes me wonder, does she ever get to shore?