friday five - vol 4

This is a compilation of two weeks' worth of jams, but condensed into five tracks. Sometimes I feel like time escapes me and I don't know where it went. The past two weeks were kind of like that. I spent a lot the time driving long distances, so a lot of these jams are perfect for driving.

1. No Exit - Tennis
Tennis recently released an EP called We Can Die Happy. This is the first single off of it, released a few months ago, and it's just a super happy, summer-esque jam that is mildly reminiscent of Madonna. Perfect for clinging on to those last few summer moments (i.e. driving with the windows down when there is slight sunshine).

2. Doing it Wrong - Drake
Take Care Drake is my favourite Drake. When I am in a rut of not having new jams to listen to, I go back to Take Care. It never fails to make me feel some type of way. The photo above was spotted as I was walking by where Honest Ed's once was. Why didn't Drake save Honest Ed's? Because it wasn't a profitable business opportunity. Hashtag capitalism.

3. Ric Flair Drip - Offset, Metro Boomin
21 Savage, Offset and Metro Boomin released something I'd consider to be a Halloween album called Without Warning - released around Halloween, and all the tracks are kind of spooky/scary/ominous. This is, in my opinion, the best track off the album. Offset has been so underrated! No particularly in line with the theme of the rest of the album, but so catchy and well produced.

4. Boomerang - Jidenna
You may best know Jidenna as the guy who sings Classic Man (a remixed version was in the 2016 film Moonlight). He recently released a 6-track EP with a lot of famous features, and this is its title track. The rest of the album isn't as catchy as this one, despite all the features. Boomerang a song that is easy to listen to, makes me want to dance and has some interesting layers to it, it feels a little tropical and I love that, brings a little heat to my cold whip.

5. Crowded Places - Banks
I love Banks, her brooding, sultry ways. This is a slow banger with a slow build up. It's classic Banks, an intimate look into a breakdown of a relationship due to her being on tour, and an admittance to being afraid of crowded places, yet not wanting to be alone.