friday five - vol 6

It's been a hectic few weeks and I've really only been listening to the same couple of without further ado, here's my Friday Five:

1. BB - Roy Woods
I've been waiting for Roy Woods to come out with a new album, and I've been so into it! BB is slow banger, just blast it in the car and you'll know what I mean. It's super easy to listen to and just a fun song.

2. Break From Toronto - Partynextdoor
Throwing it back a little bit with this song. This song is my "Sauga in the night time" driving song and it just made me ways while I was driving in sauga in the night time. The production quality of PND has drastically improved since these days, but this is a classic. It's a short and sweet song about him trying to convince this woman to take a break from Toronto and visit the west side...aka Mississauga. However I don't know why exactly she would agree to it since Mississauga is not very exciting, but perhaps they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Anyways...great jam. Look how far PND has come!

3. Neither Do I - Stwo, Jeremih
Did you know that "Stwo" is pronounced "stew", like two with an "s" in front of it? I didn't. Now we all know. This is another great night driving song, has an excellent bass line and a bit of a philosophical message..."Do you know what it feels like to fall in love?" Well, Jeremih, I don't know?? And neither does he.

4. Banana Clip - Miguel
Miguel's new album "War and Leisure" is just so quintessentially Miguel - catchy, sensual and a little bit political. The singles that he released earlier were probably the best tracks off the album (Sky Walker, Told You So), but every song is great. Miguel is such an artist, I love his work, and this album is very current, touches on the current political climate but at the same time makes you feel good.

5. Dark Side of the Gym - The National
This is my favourite song off of The National's newest album and I just feel super thankful to have been able to experience them live in concert! I was debating whether I should grab tickets, because they were quite expensive and I didn't love the new album. As I lurked the Facebook event page, I saw someone selling tickets at 8pm, The National's set time was 9pm. I bought the ticket off the guy (at face value) and made my way downtown. I'm really glad I finally got to see them, they played a fantastic show - all their bangers (mostly stuff off High Violet, Boxer) and some of their new songs. It was the perfect combination, and despite my being high up in the balcony, they sounded amazing.

6. The Weekend - Funk Wav Remix - SZA, Calvin Harris
Bonus track! This song really doesn't need an introduction. It's a super funky remix that I've been loving since it came out. Thanks for making an already great song a little bit more reminiscent of summer, Calvin.